Photography – Balloon Festival – Memorial Day 2015

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  1. judi says:

    We had an exciting event in our small town of Zebulon, NC on Memorial Day weenend. The crowd was much larger than expected, and I didn’t get to ride in one of the balloons. I also couldn’t carry my big camera and tripod, so these pictures were taken with my pocket size camera. I wish I had taken video equipment to capture the beauty, especially the final part of the entertainment when all the balloons did a “light show” to the familiar song of “God Bless the USA”. It was a very touching moment and well worth the time to “make a memory” !

  2. Harry Ibach says:

    Great photography and artwork. You have discovered ways to keep your world filled with wonder and adventure. We are the beneficiaries of your thrill to share the new things you learn and see. You have discovered the fountain of youth.

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