I am from a small town in North Carolina, but I feel as if I have traveled the world through the people I have met while learning Photoshop, Painter, and Photography. I have always loved art and when I discovered Photoshop, I was hooked. I started searching for any tutorial I could find on the internet. One site stood out for me, so I quickly ordered a DVD from “Davrodigital”. I never knew until it arrived that it was in the UK and the teacher, David Rowley, lived in Wales. I joined his group and met people from all over the globe and still are friends with many of them. They started my interest in photography also. It didn’t take me long to discover that “the better the photograph, the better your editing in Photoshop”, so I started taking courses at “Better Photo” web site and studied with some really talented photographers and after taking their final test, I became certified as a “Better Photo Photographer”. Next in my “journey in digital art” came Corel Painter and I was finally painting without all the “cleaning up”. This journey started over 10 years ago and it is still exciting. I have been taking art lessons from several teachers, the last being Tim Shelbourne at “The Artist Quarter”. I have learned so much from him and the group there and we have explored the latest art tools, one of the most exciting being the iPad and discovering all the many painting apps. Our latest discovery has been in a new program called Rebelle, which has an amazingly realistic watercolor brush.
I am a mother and grandmother and work part time for a psychiatrist, but most of my time is spent in front of a computer or looking at an iPad and “getting lost in the wonder of creating”. I am happy to share some of my work on this web site. If it inspired one person to pick up that stylus and “dive into the my world of digital art”, then it will be worth it. Please share your thoughts and questions. I am always happy to meet someone new and to talk about my favorite subject !!